May 16, 2017

Miss Nora Mae

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Kelsey Buehler

Hey friends! Since haven’t shared any personal photos on our blog yet we thought this was the perfect time to do so. We’d love to introduce to you the newest member of our family- Miss Nora Mae! She’s so very precious to us and we thank Jesus for her little life!

Our little Nora Mae is now just one week old.  Her brothers are smitten by her and are always wanting to help, hold, touch, and kiss her. We thank Jesus for their tenderness towards her and pray they would always seek to protect and cherish their little sister. 

Oh, and since the gorgeous trees were in full bloom the week she was born, it only seemed fitting to take a few pictures with a branch I snagged from the church parking lot a couple days after her birth. Spring is a sign of new life and we are fully embracing this new little life the Lord has entrusted to us!

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