April 12, 2018

Our Kitchen Remodel



Before wedding season is in full swing, I thought I’d share with you our personal kitchen project we did this winter! 

A big heart of ours is to have a home of hospitality. Jimmy and I both love having people into our home, enjoying a meal together, and sharing our lives with one another. That was the major motivating factor to do this project. We wanted to make our home more accommodating to host. We knew taking down the wall and pantry between the kitchen and living room would open up the space and allow us to build a large island for more sitting space! It’s true I love to create and design so that was a really fun part of this process, however, the ultimate end goal wasn’t to have a bigger and better kitchen but rather it was to have a more hospitable and welcoming home! 

Here a picture of what it looked like before! As you can tell, I didn’t attempt to even clean up prior to taking this picture. We were about ready to start demo and I was like “oh, wait, I should take a picture of the before!” Shows you how eager we were to start the project! 🙂 

And the after! 

Here’s a few pictures of the process! Remodeling our kitchen with three littles was definitely a challenge. We tried to include our boys in the demo process but honestly, that’s about all we could include them in. Painting kitchen cabinets isn’t necessary something I trust my 5 year old with- especially when he wanted to paint them red! 

After about six weeks of living in chaos, we were so thankful to have the project finished! Small projects still needed to be wrapped up but we could function again in our normal living space and we could start hosting again! 

We are so beyond grateful for all the help we had along the way! From late night painting parties with small group friends to servant neighbors willing to watch our kids so they would stay out of the mess, we are so thankful for our community that helped make this project come together in a relatively short amount of time. We also were so grateful for the work we contracted out as that saved us in marital counseling. 🙂 That’s a joke, but really it was worth it to pay the professionals for the projects that were above our pay grade or patience level! They did it much faster than we could have and we could rest assured, it was done right! 

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